Originating from East Pruisen and with a flint of Berlin history PoPoF (1978) was born and raised in the Amsterdam allentour. Now he is losely living in Europe with his wife and childeren

There are a lot of boring walls and a lot of people that say they are “not into” paintings. PoPoF believes that everybody can be touched by visual arts and that it is up to the artist to create images that can truly touch a person. PoPoF believes that bringing art in to your house enriches your life, stimulates creativity, thinking and conversation. It helps you get rid of boring walls and oversleek interior design. In that way PoPoF feels inspired by the poet Pablo Neruda, who was always trying to reach a broad audience.

Nowadays it seems that art is confused with perfection. Modern art is polished and breaths wealth. It is easy to consume and does little for inspiration. And is it not inspiration that truly separates us from beast? Maybe if we bring back sincere inspiration into our lives some of our bigger problems disappear like snow in the sun. PoPoF tries to do just that!

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